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Here's links to things related to Musicqueue


  • Ogg Vorbis - Players for the ogg format
  • mpg321 - A good command line mp[1,2,3] player
  • mp3info - Command to print info for mp3's
  • XMP - Player for more than 40 different formats!
  • sidplay - Player for SID (Commodore 64 audio)

Similar programs:

  • Room Juice - A program similar to Musicqueue, but it only supports enqueue mode
  • MMMpg123 - Another similar program only supporting enqueue mode
  • Gronk - A very album based program
  • Obseqiuem - Seems to have many features but a confusing interface

Other software:

  • Apache - THE web server
  • icecast - Streams music
  • DarkIce - Encodes your line in and feeds it to icecast

Erik Dalén

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